Cooked Flour Tortillas

When your busy lifestyle leaves you with no time to prepare a fresh meal, our cooked flour tortillas are ready to be warmed up and serve within seconds. With only 5 ingredients, our Certified Organic NON GMO Wheat Flour Tortillas are full of flavor. Our formula, although simple, is highly nutritional. One tortilla contains approximately 2,250 mg of Omega 6 and 1,750 mg of Omega 9 , it also contains 4.2 grams of Protein and 2 mg of Iron (8% of your daily intake). Buen Provecho!




Ingredients: Organic artisan wheat flour, water, organic pumpkin oil, sea salt, non-aluminum baking powder.
Heating Instructions: Place tortilla on a preheated skillet to warm and enjoy.
Shelf Life: Non refrigerated – 3 days
Refrigerated – up to 3 weeks
Frozen – up to 6 months


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