Sunflower Oil Tortillas - Street Taco (12 ct)

Sunflower Oil Tortillas - Street Taco (12 ct)

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Let's Say Goodbye to Artificial Ingredients and Preservatives. Improve Your Nutrition Today With 

Tortillas Con Madre - Wheat Flour Tortilla (Formulated With Organic Sunflower Oil )

  • A vegan's dream tortilla made with 100% USDA Organic ingredients and enhanced with a wonderous Sunflower Oil for a delicious nutty taste unlike any other
  • NON-GMO and no preservatives allows this tortilla to have fresh taste and texture
  • A recipe passed down through generations allowing time to perfect a high-quality and simplistic style flat bread
  • Locally made and family crafted using local sources of ingredients
  • A tortilla wrap that puffs to a bubble when heated, maintains texture and form without tearing, and complements any meal to please even the most demanding palates



Why Tortillas Con Madre Is The Only Tortilla Of Its Kind: 

 USDA Organic 


✓ Vegan 🌱


✓ Organic Sunflower Oil

✓ 0 Additives, 0 Preservatives, Free Of Pesticides (KEEP REFRIGERATED)

✓ Highly Nutritional and Naturally Enhanced With Omegas 6 & 9

✓ 100% Family Run Operation 

✓ An Authentic Homemade Tradition Passed Down Through Generations, Reinvented and Perfected. 


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To maintain freshness we only ship Monday-Wednesday. Orders received on Wednesday after 12:00pm PDT will be shipped the following week. Tortillas will last up to 6 months frozen and 3 weeks after thawing.