About Us

Welcome to Tortillas Con Madre, where we take pride in crafting the finest local, non-GMO, and certified organic wheat flour tortillas that pay homage to the rich traditions of Mexico. Our journey began in 2017 when our founder, Lupita Nava, decided to share her family's cherished wheat flour tortilla recipe with the world.

Our Story: The roots of our delicious tortillas trace back generations, passed down through the hands of Lupita's grandmother and mother. This cherished recipe holds a special place in our hearts, as it embodies the essence of Mexican culinary heritage and the love that goes into every bite. However, Lupita sought to make this traditional delight even better by reinventing the tortilla with a healthier twist.

The Reinvention: Inspired by her dedication to health and conscious living, Lupita transformed the traditional recipe by using only the finest organic oils, replacing the conventional lard. This revolutionary shift not only enhanced the flavors but also made our tortillas suitable for health-conscious individuals who value wholesome ingredients without compromising on taste.

Our Flourishing Family Business: With the support of her husband, an experienced professional in the organic industry, and her son, a business school graduate, Lupita transformed her garage operation into a thriving factory nestled in the vibrant city of Bellingham, Washington. Together, we have been on an incredible journey, growing our business one tortilla at a time, sharing the authentic flavors of Mexico with our neighbors, friends, and the entire state.

Our Passion for Tradition and Quality: At Tortillas Con Madre, our mission is to provide homes with the taste of authentic Mexican tradition while adhering to the highest standards of quality and sustainability. We are committed to sourcing all our ingredients strictly from local companies, supporting our community and reducing our environmental impact.

A Tortilla for Every Occasion: In the northern part of Mexico, flour tortillas are an integral part of daily life, and we embrace this culinary heritage wholeheartedly. From breakfast to dinner, from simple snacks to sumptuous meals, our wheat flour tortillas are the perfect accompaniment to a wide array of dishes, satisfying taste buds with each soft and flavorful bite.

Join Our Journey: We invite you to embark on this flavorful journey with us, as we share the love, passion, and tradition of our tortillas with you and your loved ones. Every tortilla we produce is a testament to the rich history and authenticity of Mexican cuisine, and we take pride in bringing this cultural treasure to the homes of our cherished customers.

Thank you for being a part of our story and for supporting our commitment to providing you with the finest, locally-sourced, organic wheat flour tortillas. Together, let's savor the taste of "a tradition re-invented"!

For inquiries, orders, or just to share your tortilla experiences, feel free to contact us at info@tortillasconmadre.com. Let's stay connected!

¡Buen provecho! (Bon Appétit!) The Tortillas Con Madre Team

 *Lupita Nava - Founder of Tortillas Con Madre